a dance with the devil might last you forever

My name is math, this is some of my work.

Painting with one hand its that easy. Available to tattoo when I’m up and running again.
Aftermath of my accident. Spiral fracture of the left humerus neck with dislocation and fractured humeral head. All of that fixed with surgery and a nice plaque.
The @mashsf frame doesnt seem to have any cracks, the forks are busted and my mavic ellipse front wheel isnt very true any more.
A year ago @ipaintfaces and i made this little guy happen. We have managed to keep him alive and healthy for one whine year! Being a parent is the hardest job in the world.
I love this little guy more than anything. Happy birthday bronx
So this is what happens when your favorite @mashsf bike gets hit by a car who does a 3 point turn in front of a bus. The result is a broken humerus, dislocated shoulder and obviously not being able to tattoo for at least 6 weeks
Today i did a cover up.
More traditional stuff available
Sacred heart palm on @ipaintfaces #kitchenwizard
Vampire batman.
Thanks for looking
#cooltats #sicktats #inkslinger #sickinkbruv
Available, email keepsake@tattoosbymath.com if you want it.
#dotwork rose from today.
Thanks for looking.